Laser Massage

A whole new level of pain relief and muscle relaxation combined with the healing power of High Power laser light.

Imagine the feeling of a deep tissue massage combined with the soothing warmth of laser light. What makes this system of massage therapy so unique? The secret is how deep the healing laser light energy reaches to restore normal function in tissues of the body that you can't each by hand.

There are multiple layers of muscle to the human body ranging from superficial (visible) to deep (non visible). Traditional massage therapy can be helpful, but the positive results may not last long because the deeper muscle structures were not treated as effectively as the superficial ones. Thus giving you only temporary relief. Laser massage on the other hand helps restore normal cellular function to the all important deeper muscles of the body.

The deeper muscles are called 'stabilizers'. Meaning they keep bones and joints in proper alignment. The superficial muscles are called 'prime movers'. Meaning they are design to move your body from point A to point B, while the stabilizers keep you from falling apart during that move!

If the deeper muscles are overloaded or tired, the body puts too much emphasis on the prime movers and you end up with chronic muscle spasm, tightness, and pain. So the key of laser massage is the ability to reach those sabilizers so you feel incredible.

Connecting every cell and tissue of the body is a fish-net like material known as 'fascia'. This connective tissue should glide smoothly between structures, but often times can stick to muscles causing discomfort and pain. Laser massage therapy loosens up the 'fascia' preventing the development of 'sticking'. The warmth and smooth glide of the the therapy is relaxing, giving you increased mobility and stability.

Most any painful condition can benefit from laser massage therapy since 'fasia' is connected to every every part of your body. Sessions can be body part and condition specific or you you may also experience our full body therapy program.

Average therapy sessions last from as little as 10-minutes to 1-hour. Depending on your evaluation and consultation, Dr. Perry will recommend which is the most effective for your recovery program.

Make time to take care of yourself and experience the only 'Laser Massage Therapy' Program in the area. Your body will certainly thank you.

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